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Interfacing ISA BUS

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Interface is an exchange of data and information between computer hardware, peripheral devices, humans or combination.


Way back in my college days, when the most popular CPU was dual core, we were oblige to develop or produced a project which involves interfacing ISA BUS hardware + Turbo C software.

It is very difficult to narrow down project ideas and information for our project proposal since we are limited with electronic devices. And alas, we choose the Automated Dryer which cost less and is efficient. But the main electronic device (Temperature Sensor) that we hardly need was not available in Philippines (LM35 or LM34). LM35 Sensor is for reading Celsius while LM34 sensor is for Fahrenheit. We were force to order either LM34/LM35 Temperature Sensor from Germany through my mother’s credit card. Also, ISA Bus are only available on old motherboard.


The LM35/LM35 temperature sensor is an analog type and needs to be converted to digital in order to display its value from LED. Also, we created an H-Bridge controller to convert 5V input to 12V output.


I design the ISA Card and we created it with PCB.

I’m using Proteus from  for the Schematic/Circuit Diagram and develop software interface in Turbo C.


What’s in this project?

1. User can set desired temperature to disable/enable dryer roof.

2. User can set desired time interval to stir crop product.



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